ABOUT Filmreakter

The Filmreakter asbl was founded in 2002 as a non-lucrative collective
of young luxembourgish filmmakers. As the only association of it’s
kind in the country, it has quickly established itself as the
representative for the local underground scene. Due to the absence of
a clearly defined goal or field of operation the association can be
used and redefined according to the needs of the filmmaking scene in
Luxembourg, a scene still new and uncertain in it’s direction. The
association has thus been seen organizing small festivals such as the
regular Open Screen event showcasing the latest in luxembourgish
underground filmmaking, co-producing short as well as feature lenght
no- to low-budget films, aswell as programming 2007’s Sunset Cinema
project. It has further helped setting up a dialogue between young
fılmmakers and the national film fund. This year marks the
association’s first year of participation in the national film prize,
with two productions competing for the prize of Luxembourg’s best film
Joining the association requires no membership payment and is open to
everyone interested in fılmmaking, be they teenage fılm enthusiasts,
flm students or professionals.



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